SmokeFree Tasmania

SmokeFree Tasmania is a health advocacy organisation, and the goal is to advance the endgame for tobacco, by supporting a tobacco free generation.

We believe that  Tobacco Free Generation laws will help to reduce smoking rates in Tasmania this century. We commit to reducing the smoking of tobacco products in Tasmania, and eventually ending the commercial sale of cigarettes and tobacco.

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More than 500 Tasmanians die every year from smoking tobacco products.

 SmokeFree Tasmania supports a tobacco free generation for people born since the year 2000, and legislation to achieve this. 

SmokeFree Tasmania concentrates on population level endgame initiatives which focus on circumventing actions of the tobacco industry, in order to reduce smoking rates across Tasmania and Australia.  Other organisations focus on helping individual smokers to quit.

Business support for the Tobacco Free Generation and a smoke free Tasmania.

Robert Ravens who made the Bridestowe Lavender Farm ‘smokefree’ two years ago and has had excellent success in maintaining this.

Bridestowe Lavender Farm  a smoke free workplace, smoke free environment for visitors – and a smoke free product! 

Why do we need the Tobacco Free Generation (TFG) – and what is it?

Most people start smoking as children, and most obtain cigarettes from their same age peers. 62% of cigarettes are gifted from same age peers. 19% are purchased, 12% bought illegally, and 7% supplied by parents or siblings. (Ref: Bariola & Scaczowski 2013)

Why do young people start smoking? The main reasons are peer influence and the desire to appear grown-up. The tobacco companies have designed and engineered cigarettes to be more addictive and attractive to children.

The tobacco industry has known this for many years, which is why they publicly  support legislated age barriers – like age 18 . As far back as 1977 Imperial Tobacco said in their Project 16 (a project designed to hook children into smoking) cigarettes are a “badge of coming of age”,  a symbol of the onset of maturity.

The TFG proposal is to Phase out tobacco: by ending sales to anyone born after the year 2000. Here is a narrated powerpoint by Prof. Jon Berrick that explains the rationale of the TFG and how it would work.

Imperial Tobacco also said, way back in 1977,  “There is no doubt that peer group influence is the single most important factor in the decision by an adolescent to smoke.”

The tobacco free generation would provide a line in the sand, a generational fire-break, protecting the next generation from tobacco, and creating the “Lucky Generation”.

Deaths caused by smoking in Tasmania, compared to other selected causes

deaths caused by smoking

Costs of smoking in Tasmania

According to a  Report completed for the Cancer Council Tasmania, in 2013-14, about 425 Tasmanian deaths were attributable to smoking. “In this same period, smoking cost the Tasmanian society an estimated $465 million in tangible costs (including health care costs and the loss of productivity because of reduction in workforce). If the current smoking rate is reduced to the target of 10 per cent by 2020, it is estimated that this would result in tangible cost savings of $969 million over a 20-year period. This would justify annual expenditures of up to $114 million for 20 years to assist in a comprehensive strategy designed to reduce smoking rates.

2017 Final Year Medical Students UTAS support the Tobacco Free Generation

holding banners saying “Make this the Lucky Generation”, 

“We are ready for the Tobacco Free Generation “and

“Thank you Ivan and fellow Legislative Councillors for standing up for our rights to health”

INWAT supports the Tobacco Free Generation

The International Network of Women Against Tobacco (INWAT) www.inwat.org  is a network of female experts across the globe working to:

  • Reduce tobacco use amongst women and girls and
  • Promote women’s leadership in tobacco control

INWAT strongly supports the Tobacco Free Generation proposal.

The Public Health Advocacy Unit North Eastern University  in Boston Massachusetts supports the TFG.

SmokeFree Tasmania congratulates

Balanga City in the Philippines which has implemented the Tobacco Free Generation

The Statement by the Office of the Mayor says at: Balanga City_3 Balanga City_2

“Implementing member of TFG refers to person born on or after 01 Jan 2000 in COB. No person shall sell tobacco to a TFG member. This is a novel ordinance for only the City Government of Balanga has this.

Oceania Tobacco Control Conference 2017 – Tasmania

A great Conference organised by the Cancer Council of Tasmania and we met many people from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

L-R Maybelline Ipih (Marshall Islands), Dr. Kathryn Barnsley (Tasmania), Maira Tairi (Cook Islands), Sole Heine, (Marshall Islands), Dr. Ofa Tukia (Tonga) Oscar Datjarrahga (NT)

Lindblom on ethical issues  

“……raising their minimum sales age annually by an additional year until their legal market disappears … would not unduly restrict individual liberty and would be ethically appropriate.”.” Lindblom_Ethical issues_AJPH178

Professor Prabhat Jha visited Tasmania on Monday 3 April 2017, gave a lecture at the Menzies Research Institute and met with a number of politicians. He is pictured in Parliament House with Rebecca White, ALP leader (centre) and Dr. Harley Stanton (left).

International recognition of the  Tasmanian TFG initiative at a World Conference in India in 2013, and the World Conference on Tobacco and Health ( WCTOH ) in Abu Dhabi March 2015.

“The conference commends jurisdictions including the Australian state of Tasmania that are advancing initiatives to create Tobacco Free Generations for all persons born since the year 2000″MargaretChanAdrianREynoldsJonBerrickWCTOH

Director-General of the WHO Dr. Margaret Chan pictured with Dr. Adrian Reynolds (left) and Prof. Jon Berrick at the WCTOH.

SmokeFree Tasmania supports the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. (FCTC)

More international interest – from Korea

A film crew from Daegu MBC Korea Broadcasting company  flew to Tasmania on 9 December to interview Hon. Ivan Dean about the Tobacco Free Generation, and Dr. Kathryn Barnsley about SmokeFree Tasmania.

Left to right: Seungbong Baik: Daegu MBC Cameraman (VJ);Hyung Chool Kim: Daegu MBC, Producer: Chang Kyu Shin: Daegu Medical Center, General Director; Dr. Kathryn Barnsley, SmokeFree Tasmania; Sungjin Park: Daegu Quit smoking Support Center, Head of Operation; Miu Lee: Interpreter; Sun Hwan Kim: Daegu MBC, Manager

Latest news


The Tasmanian Liberal Party will, if elected, consider a ban on smoking around schools and hospitals and the broader community about the move, which would see extended smoke-free areas around the institutions. See Mercury 28 January 2018.

The Tasmanian branch of the Australian Medical Association has backed the move.

The Tasmanian Labor Party has announced, if elected in March 2018,  and supported by health groups, it will :

  • Develop a comprehensive community awareness campaign that cigarettes with filters are unsafe.
  • Expose the actions of the tobacco industry, who have engineered new addictive palatable filters to target children.
  • Strongly advocate nationally through Health Minister’s meetings to regulate filters, cigarette content and cigarette engineering. See Article on filters Mercury 18 January

More women are undergoing lung cancer surgery in Australia. The marketing of so-called “light” cigarettes has caused this increase, in women smokers who took up the habit in the 1960s to 1990s. Yet another reason to ban filter ventilation and menthol.

Cigarette filters a tobacco industry engineering hoax .  State and federal governments already have the power to force cigarette companies to sell less attractive, less lethal, less addictive cigarettes. Mercury article by Anne Mather. Tasmanian Times article on “squeeze”ball filter flavours.

Pigs might fly. Prof. Simon Chapman’s response to Philip Morris’s announcement that they want to give up selling combustible tobacco.

Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest is proposing the raising of the “smoking age” to 21, as part of his plan to reduce cancer.

Tasmania’s Tobacco Control Plan 2017-2021 has been released.

A new Tasmanian Report shows that ceasing tobacco sales had no effect on retailer profitability.  See: Final draft_ why retailers stop selling tobacco full report_DHHSstyle 29052017 (1)

SmokeFree Tasmania has urged people to quit smoking if they are primary carers of small children, because of the risk of invasive meningococcal disease. All Tasmanian children and adolescents should be vaccinated.

Tasmania sinks to the bottom on AMA “Dirty Ashtray” awards, along with the NT and Victoria. The government fraternization with big tobacco and failure to conduct mass media education campaigns are the big criticisms. Dirty-Ashtray-Tasmania The Advocate and Examiner reports.

Governments are failing to provide information about tobacco industry influence on national drug strategies.

Time for an endgame in tobacco control.

No safe level of smoking: Even low-intensity smokers are at increased risk of earlier death, according to a new study from researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Once again we have uncovered the tobacco industry’s sneaky tricks to make people smoke lethal light cigarettes. See our media release at: final-lights-101216 Dr. Stanton’s interview on WIN TV

and Dr. Nick Towle in the Advocate.


Scollo et al report on the dirty tricks the tobacco industry has employed to sell more cigarettes, especially to children, since the introduction of plain packaging.

Great response to unhelpful social media shaming of pregnant women by Tasmanian researcher and warrior Mai Frandsen. Congratulations Mai! Titled “Risk, morality and emotion: social media responses to pregnant women who smoke”  

The Human Rights of children are violated by tobacco companies. A missing voice: the human rights of children to a tobacco-free environment

Cancer Council Tasmania survey shows support for the TFG from 87.9% of those aged 18-29 years.

Australian research by Banks et al, published in  BMC Medicine – shows up to two-thirds of deaths in current smokers can be attributed to smoking – Feb 2015. Summary.

AIHW NDS 2013 States x opinion – strong support in Tasmania for raising the legal age for sale to minors in Australia, and banning additives.


30-36% of young males in Tasmania smoke – those in the 25 to 34 and 35 to 44 age groups. Tobacco use in Tasmania 2014-15

Over 500 Tasmanians die each year from tobacco use.

More men than women smoke in Tasmania.

36 per cent of pregnant women under 20 years of age are smokers. Smoking and Pregnancy in Tasmania 2013 

Smoking in pregnancy causes many problems for babies.