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Tobacco Free Generation

Here is a narrated Powerpoint by Professor Jon Berrick that describes the background and rationale of the TFG.


The Public Health Amendment (Tobacco Free Generation) Bill 2014 is a Private Members Bill gradually phasing out the sale of tobacco products in Tasmania.

  • The Amendment WILL:
    • Stop the sale of tobacco products to anyone born since the year 2000, the tobacco free generation.
    • Prevent the supply of tobacco products by licensed tobacco sellers, or their agents, to members of the tobacco free generation.
    • Provide (with penalty) that members of the tobacco free generations must not give false identification to tobacco sellers.
    • NOT prevent members of the tobacco free generation from smoking, or attempting to purchase tobacco products.
    • NOT penalise any member of the tobacco free generation for smoking.
    • NOT prevent friends and family from giving tobacco products, such as a few cigarettes to members of the tobacco free generation, however, they must not SELL tobacco products to them.
    • NOT prevent “botting” of cigarettes by members of the tobacco free generation. They would be able to scrounge or borrow cigarettes, and would not be penalised.
  • NOT have any effect on a smoker aged over 18 years at present, or when the amendment comes into law.

In effect, the Amendment gradually raises the age for tobacco products to be sold to a person, from 18 years to 21 years, then again to 25 years. It signals: no acceptable age for tobacco use, and no rite-of-passage to such an age.

The Amendment:
• Provides for reviews of the legislation, which must then be tabled in Parliament, when the tobacco free generation reach the age of 21 years, in 2021 and again in 2025.

SmokeFree Tasmania is involved in campaigning for the Tobacco Free Generation proposal which would see the end of tobacco sales to persons born since the year 2000, as first proposed and published in the Journal Tobacco Control by Professor Jon Berrick et al.

In 2012 a motion was carried unanimously in the Legislative Council in Tasmania supporting the tobacco free generation proposal and other tobacco control measures.

In November 2014 an amendment was tabled in the Tasmanian Legislative Council by Hon Ivan Dean MLC to propose a Tobacco Free Generation. The amendment is titled Public Health Amendment (Tobacco Free Generation) Bill 2014 

If you want to provide feedback  or ideas about the amendment to Hon. Ivan Dean at Parliament House in Hobart –  contact him here – or write to:
Hon. Ivan Dean, Parliament House, Hobart, TAS. 7000. Or telephone: (03) 6212 2300

For more on the Fact Sheet and Clause Notes about the amendment – click at the bottom of the page

See the FAQ page for more detail about this proposal.

See the Media Page for coverage of this issue in international and Tasmanian news sites.

The British Medical Journal Tobacco Control blog has more details on the process to date.

The TFG proposal was referred to the Acting Children’s Commissioner, Elizabeth Daly in 2013. Pictured at a consultation meeting (l to r) Jeanette Banks, Dr. Harley Stanton (SFT), Elizabeth Daly, Prof Jon Berrick, Kathryn Barnsley (SFT)


Jon Berrick visited Launceston in 2012 and met with Respiratory Physicians Dr. Collin Chia (Left ) and  Dr. James Markos (2nd left) ,  Kathryn Barnsley (centre) Prof Berrick and Dr. Harley Stanton (right)