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Election promise – to deal with filters.

Read the Mercury article here if you have digital access.   PDF copy can be viewed here .Article on filters Mercury 18 January

Supported by health groups, the Tasmanian Labor Party has committed to

  • Develop a comprehensive community awareness campaign that cigarettes with filters are unsafe.
  • Expose the actions of the tobacco industry, who have engineered new addictive palatable filters to target children.
  • Strongly advocate nationally through Health Minister’s meetings to regulate filters, cigarette content and cigarette engineering.

A bedtime story for tobacco retailers

Local Tasmanian author Mark Webb has written a lovely  bedtime story (dialogue) for retailers about why they should stop selling  tobacco. You can read it here:  Cigarettes Kiss Goodnight 13 October 2014

Why retailers stop selling tobacco in Tasmania

A comprehensive study on why retailers in Tasmania have stopped selling tobacco has been released by the Department of Health and Human Services. Final draft_ why retailers stop selling tobacco full report_DHHSstyle 29052017 (1)

The study  reported that  the vast majority of historical retailers found that ceasing tobacco sales had no impact on profitability.

This finding is unsurprising, given that lack of profitability of tobacco was an important contributing reason that retailers decided to no longer sell tobacco.

A number of retailers said their decision had improved business cash flow and provided a chance to invest in other goods.


April 2016 – new Tasmanian smoking figures from the ABS Tobacco use in Tasmania 2014-15.

February 22 2016 – SFT has made a Final SmokeFree Tasmania Submission 2016 Public Health Consultation 2025 to the government on its proposal to raise the smoking age to 21 or 25.

The Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) has published an editorial in support of the TFG, and the Conversation and Mercury have followed up the story.

The Lancet Respiratory Editorial praises Tasmania.

Vale John Clarke , died at age 68, a brilliant NZ satirist. RIP – he will be missed.

Human Rights

A new human rights framework for tobacco control is set out in a Fact Sheet from Johns Hopkins. And ethicists Yvette van der Eijk and Gerard Porter have examined the TFG in relation to human rights.

And the potential for legal challenges as a crime against humanity was examined at WCTOH, and first raised as an idea by Neil Francey, the lawyer who took on big tobacco on passive smoking in Australia, back in the 1990s.

NEW Research

August 2016: PhD thesis published.

Dr Barnsley found barriers to implementing evidence based tobacco control to address Tasmania’s high smoking rates. Documentary analysis from the 1960s to 2000s found corruption, cronyism, bureaucratic complexity, inadequate resourcing, few advocates and conservative male leaders as key barriers.

Plain packaging research March 2015. The latest issue of Tobacco Control has podcasts and interviews about plain packaging.

Hong Kong research shows huge support for banning cigarette sales. 64.8% support total ban within ten years – Feb 2015

E-cigs statement by the NHMRC March 2015 – all about e-cigarettes in Australia and the research to date.

Smoking thins the brain cortex, vital for memory, language and perception.

More on Plain Packaging -and some fact sheets about its implementation, effects on retailers, tobacco industry misinformation, smoking rates. Tobacco control research.

An Australian study in the BMC Medicine by Banks et al released in February 2015 shows that In Australia, up to two-thirds of deaths in current smokers can be attributed to smoking. Cessation reduces mortality, compared with continuing to smoke, with cessation earlier in life resulting in greater reductions. Simon Chapman writes a summary in “The Conversation”, and the Mercury reported on it – 25 February 2015.

Smokers are more prone to depression and anxiety, and quitting smoking helps. Leading British researcher Prof. Robert West.  Feb 24 2015.

Links to research and organisations

Everything you could ever want to know about about Tobacco in Australia !!

Cancer Council VictoriaBehavioural Research – Tobacco control research and evaluation

Quit Tasmania

Horror stories about tobacco industry behaviour – you can learn all about how the tobacco industry has been involved in smuggling around the world – and their links to organised crime.

Read about the inside story of the tobacco industry. Internal documents.  Tobacco industry documents Library:

Do you want to know what is in your cigarettes ? Australian cigarette ingredients:

Smoking around the world – the Tobacco Atlas

Advocacy in Australia & Singapore

ACOSH Action on Smoking and Health West Australia

Tobacco Free Singapore


Tasmania: DHHS Tobacco control 

Australian Government  Department of Health

USA CDC Surgeon General’s Reports on smoking and tobacco use

International support for the Tobacco Free Generation

The British Medical Association. Dr. Tim Croquer-Buque leading the charge!

The Pope

And the International Conference on Public Health Priorities in the 21st Century, India September 2013, key speaker Dr. Margaret Chan, with a message from His Holiness Pope Francis.

Inspirational Message by His Holiness Pope Francis

“ The holy father encourages you and your collaborators in your efforts to raise awareness about threats to human health incurred by the use of tobacco, and he assures you of a remembrance in his prayers”

Included in the final conference declaration. “Adoption of policies to prohibit the sale of tobacco to all persons born after 2000, to ensure tobacco free millennium generations (as proposed by Tasmania and Singapore).”